The ancient physical casinos have offered people a limited set of games including card games, roulette, and similar games that attracted the players for a long time. Although these games are still offered in land-based casinos, the rise of online casinos has brought thousands of other varieties of games. However, the majority of these new games could not beat the popularity of the older games. If you look at both the physical and online casinos, you will find only a few games gaining popularity in all gambling entities regardless of the type of environment. Slot games are such varieties that do not lose their popularity even if the players switch from a physical casino to an online casino. Almost anyone can start playing slot games without proper training due to the ease of gameplay. You need not do anything but guess in slots. If you have a 789bet login, you can start playing the slot games right away. However, it is advisable to go through the basics of slots before attempting them online. Let us look at the glossary of slots to give you an idea.

Coin size

Before starting your game, you would have to pay the bet amount for each slot game. This amount is termed the coin size. Since you should pay using coins in a physical casino, the game has got that name. The coin size will vary with each slot game.


Reels are nothing but the rotating columns present on a slot machine. In an online casino, you will see the virtual version of these reels. Each reel will contain ten to twelve symbols depending on the theme of the slot. Your objective is to choose any one character from the reels and wait for it to come under the pay line after the spin. Usually, you will either play with three reels or five reels according to the type of the game.


If your guess is right and the desired character ends up below the pay line, you will get the payout. You can describe it as the prize money given in slot games. Reel slots will have a lesser payout than video slots.

House edge

The portion of the winning amount or payout that will go to the casino house itself to make their income is known as the house edge. If the house edge is low, your profitability will be high.

Active pay line

In a video slot game, you will get to play with a minimum of nine pay lines. So, you will end up activating any one of them. The character ending up with this pay line alone will be the winning character. Such a pay line is known as an active pay line. Each pay line will require an amount to get activated.

Progressive slot

As the name suggests, the progressive slot game will provide you with an increasing winning amount. The Jackpot of this variation of slots will keep on increasing until anyone wins it. So, it is better to win after a slight delay.

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