Every carrom professional was once a beginner. And if you have just started your carrom journey recently, it is the right time to learn the rules. As you delve into the journey, this post shall take you to the in-depth narration. 

The game does not have a recorded origin in history. But it can be fairly stated that the introduction of carrom was done somewhere on Indian continents during 18 century. According to legends, Maharajas were the ones who designed this beautiful piece of art.

This family game shares its family tree with billiards & shuffleboard with British colonies’ influence. Besides carrom, it’s also known as carrom, couronne, carum, karam, karom, finger billiards, and karum. As a beginner, here go the carrom rules you need to learn.

#1 Learn the symbols first

Also known as finger billiards, it includes small pieces of carrom men that you must strike into the pockets using a striker. The wooden board contains different markings. So, ensure that you know the meaning of markings before you set up your game. It’s immensely fundamental to consider the following pointers:

  • The carrom board should be in a position of 60 to 70 centimeters
  • A total of four holes are there in four corners 
  • Rectangles will get drawn on either side  of the board

#2 Learn the carrom pieces

In the carrom game, the red piece happens to be the queen, while the white & black pieces are for players Y and X resp. There are a total of 9 black & 9 white pieces besides the striker piece. The white & black pieces are wooden.

You must attempt using a striker to knock pieces in each round into pockets. Just in case you have below 24 points, your queen adds an additional 5 points to its score. And when you have more than 24 points, you will get no added points for pocketing the queen. 

#3 Setting your board

To start playing, you need to put the red piece at the center. Upon that, you need to place 6 pieces around that queen. All the pieces should touch neighboring pieces and queen. So, you must position 12 pieces around the six pieces’ inner circle.

You need to keep in mind that every outer space touches its inner circle. You must place the pieces in such a manner that it looks just in the alternate colors. Your opponent & you must place your strikers in rectangular boundaries on the board’s end. 

Start your gameplay 

Your team and you must sit opposite each other. Start playing the game by following the pattern for gripping the striker. Remember one thing: the striker is the heavier piece that you must use to hit other pieces into the pockets. Suppose you’re new to this game; practice hitting & gripping. Ensure that you flick the striker rather than buy it.

Don’t leave or move your chair when striking. Hit it from within your rectangular boundary present on your board’s end. These are the grips you implement to hit the striker – the straight grip and scissors grip.

Rules for the queen

You cannot call the red coin yours until you pocket at least one piece in the color after achieving the queen. People who fail to do so can’t get the queen. As a result, the queen returns to the board. When someone pockets the queen before pocketing their own piece, they can get the queen successfully. 

How to Block Your Opponent?

Just in case you don’t have chances of pocketing one coin & you see that the opponent may have good chances, strike in such a manner that the opponent’s advantage no longer is present.

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