Have you ever heard of people who keep complaining that casino games are nor fair or legit? Well, they are completely wrong. The games that you play at คาสิโนออนไลน์ are completely fair and they produce totally random results that cannot be influenced by anybody – that is at least true for legitimate casinos.

Online casinos use a certain computer program known as random number generator, abbreviated simply RNG. Not many people understand what RNG are and that is why you will hear them say that online casino games are rigged.

In this article, I intend to eliminate such thoughts by explaining what random number generators are so that the next time you heat someone complain that online games are rigged, you can set them on the right path by explaining the truth to them.

What is a random number generator?

So, what is a random number generator? Well, this is a computer program that is designed to generate numbers at random like the name suggests. It is this program that generates the numbers that are used in legitimate online casino games. There are different types of random number generators and the ones used by online casinos are referred to as pseudo random number generators. What makes these generators different from other kinds of RNGs is the fact that they don’t need any form of external input in order for them to produce an output. The only things they need in order to generate numbers at random are seed number and an algorithm.

RNGs produce new seed numbers and results after every one millisecond or less. This is done by the algorithm taking the last number or two and then performing some kind of mathematical operation on it to produce the next number.

How do casinos use RNGs?

Casinos use RNGs mostly in virtual games. Virtual casino games are the kinds of games that do not need a dealer. Virtual games are prevalent in online casinos, but that is not the only place they are used. Virtual games are also used in offline casinos in virtual roulette and blackjack games. They are also used in video slot machines, video poker, and keno among many others.

There is a possibility of rigging RNG programs, but it is not something that many online casinos are doing or even interested in doing. As such, most RNGs you will come across are genuine and you should trust them.

What steps are taken to ensure random number generators are fair?

All the licensed and regulated casinos out there use casino software and RNGs that are tested and verified to be genuine and good for the public. The testing is often done by third party organizations. There are several companies that are involved in the testing on online casino software out there and they work with casinos all over the world. They perform a huge range of tests, including RNG evaluations, game and mathematics evaluations, ongoing RNG or game payout verification and reporting, poker system audits, lottery system evaluations, and penetration testing among others.

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