The Paint Editor has been redesigned to offer effective new functions at the same time as additionally making it simpler to apply. Changes and new functions encompass:

  • A new format that makes to be had equipment and alternatives extra seen
  • New equipment including an “eraser” that works in vector mode
  • More alternatives for deciding on and adjusting colors
  • More manipulation over real scratch-off games vector points (curve handles and factor modes)
  • Additional controls for ordering layers (“convey to front”, “circulate to again”, etc.)
  • New gradient controls

What are the brand new functions withinside the Sound Editor?

The Sound Editor has been redesigned to make it simpler to document and manage sounds. It gives a range of recent functions:

  • The new recording device is simpler to apply
  • The new audio trimming device is simpler to apply
  • New sound effects (including “faster”, “slower”, “echo”, and “robot”)

What occurred to the Scratch Tips Window?

Instead of the Tips Window, Scratch 3.0 affords comparable cloth thru the Tutorials Library, which may be accessed thru the Tutorials hyperlink withinside the pinnacle navigation bar withinside the programming editor.

You’ll discover tutorials for complete tasks (like “Make a Chase Game”) or unique blocks and functions (including “Record a Sound” or “Make it Spin”). More tutorials can be brought soon (including “Pong Game” and “Make It Fly”).

What is a remix?

When a Scratcher makes a replica of a person else’s challenge and modifies it to feature their thoughts (for example, through converting scripts or costumes), the ensuing challenge is known as a “remix”.

Every challenge real scratch-off games shared to the Scratch internet site may be remixed. We recall even a minor alternate to be a legitimate remixes, so long as credit score is given to the authentic challenge author and others who made sizable contributions to the remix.

Why does the Scratch Team require that each task be “remix able”?

We agree that remixing different humans tasks is a top-notch manner of learning how to apply and create exciting tasks. Through remixing, innovative thoughts unfold thru the Scratch network and each person benefits.

All tasks shared at the Scratch internet site are protected through the “Creative Commons Share-Alike” license, because of this you could remix any challenge you spot at the Scratch internet site — and each person else can remix any of the tasks which your percentage at the internet site.

Can I use pictures/sounds/media from the net in my tasks?

If you pick out to combine a person real scratch-off games else’s works into your personal, make certain to provide them a credit score at the challenge “credits” segment and encompass a hyperlink again to the authentic. To discover art/sounds which can be already certified for remixing, test out the Creative Commons seek web page.

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