Bitcoin is a popular digital currency form and is universally approved in different sectors as a payment mode, even online casinos. Millions of slot machines are spread across the worldwide brick & mortar casinos. Nevertheless, massive numbers are residing on BTC online casinos. Digital currency is evolving consistently and is dominating the online gambling sector.

BTC slots allow players to earn some Satoshi and add to their Bitcoin asset. The online slots are similar to the ones you spin in the physical casinos. Online, the player spins a virtual tumbler and waits to achieve the best symbol combination to earn some reward. The difference is players use bitcoin rather than fiat currency.

Advantages of playing online bitcoin slots

Currently, bitcoin casinos are grabbing more attention because of many reasons.

  • Online slots spoil players for choice, which is a huge advantage. There is no need for the casino owner to install a physical machine because online slots are simple virtual programs. So, every casino can offer more than hundreds of slot games.
  • Besides, players can wager small amounts even on a single spin. This is not possible in brick & mortar casinos.
  • Players can even play multiple slots simultaneously online. They can fit as many as they desire on their screen and enjoy the spins. Some casino owners even offer free spins, which help the player to win without any concerns about their personal investment.
  • BTC transactions are entirely anonymous, so makes online gambling ideal for those residing in restricted countries. Your bank personnel will never find out that you adore playing online slots when played with BTC currency.
  • Bitcoin slots allow making large deposits & withdrawals with ease. Casinos have a limitation policy regarding deposits & withdrawals for their protection. Nevertheless, using Bitcoin huge deposits & withdrawals are allowed because they are assured to receive the cash.
  • Several online BTC slots are “Provably Fair’. It is because BTC uses blockchain technology to generate random numbers. It means the game is not rigged and can be confirmed by 3rd parties. In layman’s terms, they are more random and safer.
  • Playing with BTC eliminates the need for pointless currency conversion fees. Players can deposit in cryptocurrency, play slots and withdraw their winnings in BTC. Even if the base currency of the casino is fiat, you play with bitcoin.

Bitcoin bonuses are also a huge attraction as players can learn about the slot game using the free spins without investing their hard-earned money. The percentage or kind of bonus depends on the casino owner and slot game type. For reading the details of the best online BTC casinos that offer lucrative rewards, visit the Bitcoin Core website. Some slot lingo, you need to learn include –

  • The bet amount is called Coin Size.
  • Max is the largest wager limit on single slot game spin.
  • Pay-line helps to determine whether you lost or won. It has the result symbols lined up.
  • A Paytable chart defines the different combinations on a specific BTC slot machine.

How does Bitcoin payment mode work in online casinos?

Unlike fiat currencies, Bitcoin is not regulated or centralized. It functions inside a computer network, which controls its value and production. BTC was introduced in 2009 and since then the way businesses are conducted among different countries has changed. Generally, every small or large organization across the globe has approved cryptocurrency payment including online casinos.

Bitcoin is transferred from user A through a special address. The transaction is instant and there is no transfer fee attached. It allows great savings than their fiat counterparts.

To play online slot games, the player needs to deposit cash in their casino account using a credit or debit card or bank transfers, or e-wallet. A small transfer fee is involved, which the casino owner usually pays. Therefore, the casinos are forced to decrease the odds and even the promotions are less appealing because they need to make sure that they have ROI on every member. Fortunately, Bitcoin payment removes all these expenses and the BTC slot player acquires the benefit in terms of better payouts.

BTC slot features

There is the startup button, an array of symbols on the wheels [it determines the final alignment and payoff], and a display. Online slots are computer-based and make use of the Random Number Generator. The key features that improve player’s gaming experience –

  • Special symbols -The symbols spice your game. These include wild and scatter symbols. The former is capable to change a losing spin into a win because it is switched for other symbols. It even plays the role of a multiplier in some games. In the latter, you acquire a free spin or some kind of bonus when you acquire 3 or more scatter symbols.
  • Multipliers – Multipliers mean your winning is multiplied and can range from 2X to 1000X. It is available to players when they activate a specified number during the spin.
  • Bonus games – Players can enjoy free spins, pick-to-win, and a second screen as rewards in a pre-determined combination or when you acquire 3+ scatter symbols.
  • Progressive jackpots – It is a lucrative feature and how it works is mentioned below.

Online slot machine types

You will find two main slot machine types online.

  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Non-progressive Jackpots

Players can play both using Bitcoin and even win big. The non-progressive jackpot slots are available in every online casino. Feed the machine with virtual coins online just like in a physical land-casino.

Matching symbols award free spins but big scores are available from the bonus features. Landing on specific symbols to trigger a bonus winning combination is available. Jackpots are also awarded but the amount differs from one machine to another. However, the wins can be 10,000X more than what you wagered.

Progressive jackpot slots offer life-changing prizes. In October 2015, a British player won $20, 062, 6001 on the Mega Moolah slot machine playing from his mobile device. Progressive jackpot machines consistently increase the jackpot amount until it is won. The games are connected with multiple online casinos, so the jackpot prize money increases astronomically very fast!

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